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About us

BodaDigital is high end documentary cinematography and photography.

We are a small group of visual artists devoted to producing wedding stories with a different and unique style.

Our Headquarter is located in Caracas, Venezuela but we are able to travel anywhere if needed (we are also starting business in Panama).

You are more than welcome to visit our gallery .

Welcome to BodaDigital.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of Photography do you offer? Do you meet with the client before the wedding?

We have our own style and that is what we do best. You may say it is documentary but we do not like tags. We suggest you to take a look at our online portfolio in order to understand our work. If you like our photos then you would like us to photograph your wedding. If you are looking for a traditional approach to your wedding, in which you will have lots of posed photographs, then you should not hire us. We do meet with our clients before the wedding though.

What kind of equipment you use? Digital? Film?

We do not use film. We use Canon digital cameras. We have a 5D MarkII, three 7Ds, a 5D and a 50D; which are digital cameras with more than 12 megapixels. Their printing quality is outstanding. We work in RAW format.

 Do you alter the images with Photoshop or just present them as they come out of the camera?

All the images go through an editing process. Most of our images has been lightly retouched but never altered. We do not create moments or scenes that never happened. We do correct exposure, color and framing if needed.

Do you work with a package or by the hour?

We have a daily service rate. Please send us your personal information so we can set up a meeting and talk about prices.

What does daily rate means?

The work day begins when the bride and groom start getting ready. If the wedding is at night we generally start around 2pm and end up around 2am (about 12 hours).

What is the final product?

We make books with our own images (around 190 printed images) designed by us and produced in the U.S.A. Currently we offer one book with the daily work package. Book copies have an additional price.

Is there any additional charge if the wedding is outside Caracas?

Yes, the bride and groom should take care of the traveling and accommodation expenses the night of the wedding.

When should we reserve the date?

You should reserve as soon as possible. A 25% is needed in order to save the date and sign the contract.

What about the 75% left?

You can pay in parts (as many as you wish). What really matters is that the total amount is paid before the wedding.

What is your policy if the wedding is cancelled?

We do not return money.

How long have you been working as wedding photographers?

Francesco Spotorno is the creator of BodaDigital. The company was formally created back in 2006.
As a collective we have grown throughout the years and nowadays the staff is formed by six photographers.

How can we contact you and set up a meeting?

If you are in Caracas-Venezuela call us (+58) 414.162.07.72 .
If you are in Panama (+507) 6648.26.45.
You can also e-mail us at info@bodadigital.com

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